Reasons to be a Camfil APC Reseller for the Americas

Here’s what we can offer you as a sales representative for Camfil Air Pollution Control in North, South and Latin America:

Make Money

Unique Products

Aftermarket Dollars

Great Support

Rapid Delivery

Exclusive Territory

You are in control of your own destiny. As a Camfil APC rep, you will have your own territory that matches up with market-specific customers. At Camfil APC, we do not put you in competition with our reps or dealers selling Camfil APC. You also do not have to compete with Camfil APC going in direct to sell collectors.

Dealer network – As a Camfil APC rep, you can also set up your own dealer network within your own exclusive territory. You also set up your own commission on what your dealers sell.

Quote Software

Do you hate typing quotes? You don’t have to! You will have exclusive access to the APC Team Site—a secure, online sales support portal. It contains literature, drawings, case studies, data sheets, application guidelines, presentations, articles, forms AND Quote/Order Wizards. These wizard-style programs enable you to quickly and easily generate quotation documents that can be printed or emailed to customers. The quotes can then be converted to orders and submitted to Camfil APC.

Order Management

We have streamlined the order entry process, so you can enter your orders and get the equipment on its way to the customer as quickly as possible. Electronic quotes created with the Quote/Order Wizards on the APC Team Site can be quickly converted to orders and emailed to Camfil APC. It’s not complicated. It takes 10 minutes. All the necessary forms are provided.

When we receive your order with all the required information, we immediately launch it for production and shipment. Friendly order management personnel are always available to assist you in submitting and tracking our orders.

Do we have a technical support crew to help you with product configuration options? Roger that!

30-Day Paid Commission

That’s right! Camfil APC reps are paid 30 days after shipment, whether or not Camfil APC has received the payment for the equipment from the customer. Yes, Camfil APC is taking all the risk and paying the reps their commission before we have collected payment from our customers. How long does it take you to collect from your customers?

Free Literature

Camfil APC provides printed literature to you free of charge, unlike other principles you may represent. These documents are also available as PDFs on the APC Team Site.

Sales Leads

Providing Camfil APC reps with quality sales leads is a top priority, and we invest heavily in the resources to do so. Go to any search engine and search for dust collectors, mist collectors or fume collectors.

Billing Benefits

We set up the customer for direct billing, so we take the risk—not you, our rep. We are easy to work with and, depending on the installation or job situation, we can offer flexible payment terms.

Gold Series® Demo

Old-fashioned selling! The Gold Series is truly a better product than anything on the market. When customers see it, they want it! We now have a fleet of 52 trailers with a Gold Series GS4 unit mounted on each one, ready for you to hitch up and call on customers.

This has been widely successful for all Camfil APC reps and dealers who have taken advantage of it. These demo trailers are spread out all over the Americas, so there is one near you. The demo unit is equipped with a variety of cartridge filters as well.

Sales calls with samples? What a novel idea!

What Camfil APC Wants

Are we a match? Are your sales organization and Camfil APC suited to do business together? What exactly are Camfil APC’s goals and expectations from a rep? Let’s take a look at Camfil APC’s vision, mission and market strategy to find out. Further, we’ll tell you flat out what qualities we look for in the ideal Camfil APC rep.

Camfil APC Vision Statement

To dominate and lead the industry by being the preferred dust, fume and mist collector brand in our chosen markets.

Do our "chosen markets" fit well with your company's current focus? Camfil APC has developed and focused on a strategy to grow its business in specific key markets.

Let’s take a look at these focus markets:

Camfil APC Mission Statement

  • We will clean dust, fumes, and mist from factories, making them safe and more productive.
  • We will ship collectors fast while still giving the customer what they want.
  • We will be the most customer and sales rep friendly company in the dust and mist collection industry.
  • We will make the best dust, fume and mist collectors in the business from an end user operation and maintenance viewpoint.

This is our commitment to our customers, our reps and ourselves. With this in mind, let us tell you what qualities we look for in the ideal Camfil APC rep…

Sales Force Expectations

What are Camfil APC’s expectations from its sales force? Here are the top qualities that we look for in the ideal Camfil APC sales rep:

  • Dust collection expert
  • Calls on our chosen markets
  • Complementary product lines
  • Independent and efficient
  • Several salespeople
  • Has dealers
  • Customer-focused
  • Exceptional sales skills


Contact us to set up an appointment with a Camfil APC regional sales manager and discuss the possibility of joining our team!