Vortex and Venturi Wet Scrubbers


  • Safe handling of combustible and/or flammable dusts
  • Key Features:

    • No filter elements
    • Low maintenance
    • Uses centrifugal force to remove pollutants from the air

    Wet Scrubber Technology

    Particles in the contaminated air stream are brought into contact with water in order to bind them and increase their weight and size. The centrifugal action of the wet scrubber separates these particle laden water droplets from the air stream, returning them to the base of the unit where the particles settle out and form a sludge.

    Select the best fit wet scrubber to suit your application

    The Vortex: A Compact and versatile multi-application use wet scrubber

    For dust sticky dusts containing fibers the Vortex offers a highly effective solution. The particle laden air impacts or skims over the surface of the water (the scrubbing liquid). Some of the liquid flows through a vortex zone within the unit which creates turbulence and atomizes the liquid into fine droplets. These fine droplets mix with the particle laden air stream and are then removed by centrifugal force.

    The Venturi: A High-Performance Wet Collector

    For demanding applications with high dust loading the Venturi is the most commonly used, high efficiency, unit. The Venturi injects water, via a pump, into the inlet of the unit. At this point, extremely high velocities are generated which create contact surfaces with the scrubbing liquid. The result is effective mixing of the scrubbing liquid and the contaminated air stream. The particle laded droplets are then separated from the airstream by centrifugal force.

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