Built for:Dust & Fume

Your anytime access to the diagnostics of your dust collectors

The GOLDLink+™ Filter Monitoring System is a combined networking and sensing system that monitors any new or existing dust collector’s operation and transmits real-time data to the cloud over a secure cellular modem. The GoldLink Plus gives you valuable data to optimize dust collection and reduce overall downtime costs.

GOLDLink+ is a small box fitted with a 4-20mA differential pressure sensor and two pressure ports for ease of installation in any dust collector control panel. When powered up, the device begins measuring overall dust collector readings. In addition to getting alerts, you can easily view the filters’ status via Camfil’s dashboard from a phone, laptop, PC or tablet. If you have multiple dust collectors across various locations, you can view all data simultaneously. Operators are alerted if there is a dust collector issue they need to address.

Key Benefits

  • Data Security - All data sent through the cellular network is fully encrypted end to end.
  • Network Isolation - Provides a fully isolated cloud connection without going through Plant Ethernet networks.
  • Simple Installation - Installs easily onto any new or existing dust collector, simply connect 4-20mA differential pressure signal from control panel and apply power.
  • Affordable - 24/7/365 remote monitoring, predictive analytics and actionable data sent directly to the cloud.
  • Measures overall dust collector readings with 4-20mA or discrete input channels.
  • Weatherproof enclosure with internal cellular antenna for installation in harsh industrial locations.


  • Input Power: AC, 100-240Vac universal @ 0.35A (fused 0.5A)
  • Cloud Connection: Worldwide LTE and 3G Cellular
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +60C
  • Enclosure Rating: IP 66