GoldLink - Condition Monitoring for Extraction Systems

Condition monitoring of filter elements provides optimal predictable maintenance intervals

What is the GoldLink?
The GoldLink is a combined networking and sensor device that monitors operation of a dust collector and transmits sensor readings to the cloud over the cellular network.

Customer benefits
The remote monitoring of the dust collector filter condition enables Camfil APC to provide the customer support in relation to ongoing filter needs for predictive maintenance and secure system reliability for your production efficiency.

Key information:

  • Monitoring: daily average readings of Main filter cartridge DeltaP condition & installed optional secondary filter stage DeltaP condition.
  • Simple Installation: installs easily onto any new or existing dust collector, simply connect differential pressure tubes and apply power.
  • Data Security: all data sent through the global LTE & 3G network is fully encrypted end to end.
  • Network Isolation: provides a fully isolated cloud connection without going through plant networks.
  • Enclosure IP66 rating: with external antenna for enclosure in harsh industrial locations.


  • Input Power: AC, 100-240Vac universal @ 0.35A (fused 0.5A) DC, 22-26Vdc @ 0.65A (fused 1A)
  • Cloud Connection: Worldwide LTE and 3G cellular
  • Operating Temperature: -10ºC to + 40ºC
  • Enclosure Rating: IP 66
Gold Link

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