Dust and Fume Collectors for Welding: Extracting welding fumes and dust improves worker safety and helps protect sensitive equipment.
Dust and Fume Collectors for Laser/Plasma Cutting: Cleaning smoke particulate and fumes from cutting operations increases safety and improves production.
Dust Collectors for Mining: Controlling mining dust minimizes emissions and reduces equipment failure to maximize production.
Dust Collectors for Pharmaceutical: Containment for Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage applications increases worker safety.
Dust Collectors for Food Processing: A clean facility is vital for worker and visitor safety and in some industries, such as food processing, important for quality control.
Coolant Mist Collectors for Machining: High emulsion collection efficiency and "24/7" performance for increased productivity and lower operating costs.
Oil Mist Collectors: Handle ultrafine, hard-to-capture oil mists and fumes generated by machining processes with very high separation efficiencies.
Farr Gold Series on a feed dust application at Adams Grain.
Four Farr Gold Series dust collectors on a blasting application at ASC.
Twin Gold Series GS48s on concrete panel sandblasting.
Two GS12 dust collectors on a welding application at Toyo Seat, USA.
Lots of GS units in a line.
Gold Series on a blasting application at Australian Submarine Corporation.
GS72 on Welding Smoke at Nissan North America, Inc.
GS16 on a food processing application.
GS36 on paper dust.
GS36 on coffee filter paper dust.
Dust, mist and fume collection:
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