Gold Series® High Vacuum Dust Collectors


  • Central vacuum systems
  • Positive or negative product receivers
  • High-pressure bin vents
  • Pharmaceutical/hazardous dusts when using the available bag-in bag-out access system

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty 10 and 7 gauge construction.
  • Vessel strength: 17 in Hg vacuum, 8 psi positive pressure (without explosion vent).
  • Flanged, tangential inlet minimizes dust contacting the filters.
  • Can be configured as a stand-alone dust collector or without hopper and support structure for bin vent applications.
  • Pulse-cleaning system includes field-mountable, solid state control panel.
  • HemiPleat® Gold Cone™ filter cartridges with double seal gaskets and separator bead that ensures uniform pleat spacing of media.

GS12 and High Vacuum 4HV on Toner Cartridge Dust


  • Horizontal explosion vent.
  • Bag-in bag-out filter access door for pharmaceutical/hazardous dusts.
  • Continuous liner discharge for pharmaceutical hazardous dusts.
  • Discharge collection devices such as a 55-gallon drum or self-dumping hopper.