Handte Vortex - For Fibres, Fluff and Sticky Substances

The Handte Vortex wet scrubber is designed for medium dust loads and works according to the Vortex principle. The polluted exhaust air is tangentially introduced and creates a vortex sink on the surface of the scrubbing water. This generates an intensive water vortex through which the polluted exhaust air is led. Intensive mixing causes the pollutants to bond to the scrubbing water. In the downstream demister unit, the exhaust air is guided with the polluted scrubbing water through the separator spiral into a circular, helical stream pattern. The exhaust air and the polluted scrubbing water are separated through centrifugal forces. The purified exhaust air is moved and discharged by the downstream ventilator positioned on the clean gas side. The separated pollutants are fully or partially isolated in the collecting area of the scrubbing water through sedimentation processes. They can be disposed of using various discharge systems.


Flammable and explosive dusts, steel dusts, rubber, leather and plastic fines, fibres, fluff and textile dusts.


  • A system for damage prevention rather than just reduction - safest solution for flammable and explosive dusts
  • For mid-sized particle diameters
  • High degree of separation
  • No filter elements required
  • High availability, continuous operation
  • Stable operating state
  • Space saving design / minimal space requirement
  • Low-maintenance
  • Dust-free maintenance and repair