Dust Collector Startup Checklist

After installing your industrial dust collector, it's important to know the proper steps to start up your collector in a safe and efficient manner. Topics we cover include:

  • Dust collector installation checklist
  • Why a checklist is important
  • A walkthrough of the startup checklis

Dust Collection System Design When Handling Explosive Dust

In this episode we discuss the details that go into the system design of a dust collector that handles explosive dust. We cover:

  • The Dust Explosion Pentagon
  • The Industrial Ventilation Manual
  • NFPA Standards
  • Design Characteristics
  • Capture Velocity
  • “Balanced-By-Design”
  • Hood Geometry
  • Minimum Conveying Velocities for Different Types of Dust
  • Selecting a Fan for your Dust Collector

Common Indoor Air Quality Issues & Filtration Options

In this episode, we discuss the issues that come with poor indoor air quality, as well as filtration options for manufacturing and processing facilities. We cover:

  • Why IAQ is so important.
  • How to know if your facility has an indoor air quality issue.
  • The negative effects of poor IAQ.
  • How to improve upon poor IAQ.

Dust Collector Efficiency and ASHRAE Standard 199

In this episode, we discuss the ASHRAE Standard 199 testing process and how it effects the efficiency of your dust collector. We cover:

  • Why the ASHRAE Standard 199 was developed.
  • What types of dust collectors are covered under Standard 199.
  • How the test is performed.

All About Filters

In this episode we discuss what is possibly the most important aspect of dust collection: Filters. We cover:

  • What is a cartridge filter
  • Cartridge vs Panel/HVAC
  • Filter design
  • Filter technologies
  • Identifying which filter to offer

Proper Media Selection

One of the most important aspects of dust collection is having the proper filter media for the job. In this episode we learn how to select the right media, and how to determine which is most beneficial to you. 

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