A major pharmaceutical company wanted to improve containment dust collector performance and extend cartridge life. They were changing filter cartridges every 6-12 months, a very costly process. After adopting Camfil APC Bag-in/Bagout (BIBO) Farr Gold Series® dust collectors, they ran the units for 2+ years without changing cartridges, for substantial maintenance savings. The units have also operated at low differential pressure, saving energy on blower power requirements and compressed air consumption.


Gold Series Camtain™ Bag-In Bag-Out dust collection systems for pharmaceutical and hazadous dusts.

Recently, the company needed additional containment dust collectors for a potent compound barrel filling and mixing operation and for two pill presses. They installed four Camfil APC "Camtain" Gold Series collectors, which improve on previous Camfil APC technology. The Camtain GS units use the proven, patent-pending HemiPleat® cartridges, with an open pleat cellulose/synthetic blend media that delivers outstanding service life, low pressure drop, and 99.999% efficiency at .5 micron. Each Gold Series® industrial dust collector is sized to handle 2718 m3h. A davit arm-hinged door allows for easier access to the BIBO changeout operation, ensuring faster and safer changeout when it does come time to replace the cartridges. The door swings out of the operator's way while staying connected to the unit itself.

As expected, these units are operating with even better results (lower pressure drop) than the older models. The company is so pleased that they recently ordered a duplicate unit.

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