Two GS8 collectors at BOSCH Manesty

BOSCH Manesty is part of the German-based international BOSCH Group and is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical equipment companies. They have been supplying the highest quality tablet manufacturing equipment to the global pharmaceutical industry for over 80 years. BOSCH Manesty has manufacturing offices and agents in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Rim, South America and North America.

Dust Collector Company with Global Support

BOSCH Manesty exports a majority of their machines, so they needed a dust collector company who could offer genuine global support. Meeting ATEX requirements had also become a major issue for BOSCH Manesty. Historically they had found some dust collector companies difficult to work with, not being able to get information for several days and deliveries often being late.


A large number of BOSCH Manesty’s customers are pharmaceutical companies and issues like ATEX and full containment of dust are of paramount importance. Therefore, BOSCH Manesty needed a dust collector supplier who could offer these features with the technical backup.

Once they saw the Camfil APC Gold Series® industrial dust collector, they were impressed with the unit. The build quality, strength and the very simple and extremely quick filter change of the dust collector together with the flexibility in terms of the position of doors, explosion venting panels etc., offered BOSCH Manesty something special they had not experienced before.

BOSCH Manesty was sold on the build quality of the Gold Series. The next stage was to prove to them that Camfil APC could offer the global support, engineering, technical back up and reliable deliveries needed.

Camfil APC was able to do this and more by offering very quick turn around for quotations, technical questions and tailored drawings. Camfil has also carried out two separate training presentations to BOSCH Manesty engineers and salespeople. These presentations included a containment presentation by qualified Camfil APC employees and more recently, an ATEX training session.

The Camfil APC Gold Series has offered BOSCH Manesty a fully compliant ATEX dust collector with full tested data. Ian Harrop of BOSCH Manesty, Head of Sales Product Engineering, said:

“We chose Camfil APC and continue to have a very good and close relationship because the equipment is extremely robust, is flexible in terms of size and specification including the safe change containment options. Camfil APC has a worldwide presence and support and is recognized as a quality dust collector manufacturer which is extremely important to BOSCH Manesty and its customers.”

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