Farr Gold Series® (FGS) Central Dust Collectors

Farr Gold Series® Dust Collectors

The Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume extractor combines enhanced performance with ease of service while cleaning the work environment of irritating dust and fumes.

Industrial Dust Collectors

The Farr Gold Series is used by thousands of factories for industrial ventilation and dust collecting applications including:


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  • The Farr Gold Series is a unit that is constructed to meet customer needs and demands
  • Heavy duty carbon steel construction for long life - Dust collector module constructed of 7 gauge carbon steel. Door, hopper, inlet and panels are all 10 gauge steel.
  • Baked on, durable Farr green powder coat paint - All carbon steel components are 5-stage acid washed prior to powder coating for maximum paint adhesion. Dust collector is painted inside and outside for unsurpassed weather and corrosion resistance.
  • Vertical design of the Gold Cone filter cartridges provides more efficient pulsing of high loading dust.
  • High entry cross flow inlet eliminates upward can velocities associated with traditional hopper inlets in industrial dust collectors. The channel baffles installed in the inlet protect the filters from incoming dust and separate the larger particles directly into the hopper, reducing the load on the filters.
  • Using Gold Cone® cartridge technology the Farr Gold Series delivers clean air and long life while utilizing the smallest floor space of any dust collecting system available today.
  • Camfil Utilize different media and pleat spacing to ensure the cartridge filters are fit for purpose

Meeting airflow requirements with a 25% smaller housing allows the Farr Gold Series dust collector to deliver premium performance at a competitive price and take up less factory floor space. The service benefits are numerous offering faster, trouble-free change-out of cartridges.

Easy Maintenance


Simple, quick-open heavy gauge door(s) provide access to a super-fast cartridge change-out system that does not require entry into the collector. The door is fully reversible for access from either side and has an exclusive lock-out feature for worker safety.


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Easy Access Door

  • No knobs to lose or drop
  • No threads to bind
  • Mechanically attached seal
  • Heavy 10 gauge construction

Easy Change-out

Gold Cone cartridge with patented cambar action that positively seals the cartridges without using threads or knobs.


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The cambar system allows faster, trouble-free change-out of the filter cartridges. For an even easier option, Camfil APC offers service and preventive maintenance contracts that include an onsite system survey and filter change-outs.




  • Explosion Venting
  • Rotary airlock
  • Drum cover kit
  • Clean air chamber access
  • Custom colors
  • NEMA7/9
  • Solenoid enclosure
  • Compressed air regulator
  • Leg length
  • Solenoid heater


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Top Mount Fan
Trough Hopper with Screw Conveyor
Stainless Steel Construction Available
Abrasive Resistant Inlet, Top Mount Fan, Silencer & Safety Monitoring Filter
Explosion Venting - To meet NFPA regulations now strictly enforced by OSHA.

Model Configurations


Farr Gold Series offers modular design for maximum flexibility - have it your way fast! Each module accommodates airflows up to 5,000 cfm each. Component configurations are virtually unlimited. Standard Farr Gold Series model configurations are GS2, GS4, GS6, GS8, GS10, GS12SQ, GS16, GS16L, GS18, GS20, GS24, GS32, GS36, GS40, GS48, GS48L, GS56, GS60, GS72, GS84, GS96, GS108 & GS120, but any size configuration can be obtained.






Largest single point discharge hoppers available. Trough hoppers also available. Hoppers shown result in lowest possible head height. For a larger view of the above diagram please download the product bulletin.

Download Farr Gold Series Product Bulletin

Gold Cone™ Filters


The exclusive and patented Gold Cone in the center of the cartridge offers benefits unavailable from any competitive filter cartridges.

  • Expanded capacity due to the patented inner cone of filtration media.
  • The inner cone provides uniform dispersion of back-pulsed air and opens up more usable space for airflow in the dust extractor.
  • Camfil's PolyTech™ media is the most advanced pulse-cleaned media ever made.
  • All Camfil filter media offerings deliver a minimum of 99.999% separation efficiency down to 0.5 micron by weight.
  • Continuous double seal gaskets give added insurance against leaks. No other filter design gives you a double seal barrier.
  • HemiPleat® filter technology ensures uniform pleat spacing with synthetic beads that hold the pleats of the filter cartridge wide open.

Normal airflow while dust collector is running. The exclusive and patented Gold Cone in the center of the cartridge offers benefits unavailable from any competitive filter cartridges.

Reverse Pulse Cleaning

  • Featuring an injection-molded inner cone in the center of the cartridge, cleaning is accomplished by pulse waves that emanate outward from this inner cone providing advanced cleaning for more efficient operation, longer cartridge life and reduced service requirements.
  • Test results indicate that this new pulse distribution method provides enhanced cleaning and dust collecting efficiency.

Video: HemiPleat Dust Collector Filter Pulse Cleaning


Filter Medias

  • 30.2 Square Meter Cartridges (Media Area) - 82° C Max
  • HMPTS - HemiPleat PolyTech Standard
  • HMPTC - HemiPleat PolyTech Carbon Impregnated
  • HMPTF - HemiPleat PolyTech Fire-Retardant
  • HMPTU - HemiPleat PolyTech Ultra High Efficiency
  • HMPTUF - HemiPleat PolyTech Ultra High Efficiency Fire-Retardant
  • 20.9 Square Meter Cartridges (Media Area) - 121° C Max, Washable
  • DPS - Dura-Pleat® Standard Spun-Bond Polyester
  • DPA - Dura-Pleat Aluminized Finish (static drain)
  • DPO - Dura-Pleat Oleophobic Treatment (moisture resistant)
  • DPT - Dura-Pleat with Teflon Membrane

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