JONESBORO, Ark., August 4, 2022 —An article by Camfil APC is the feature cover piece in the August 2022 annual Dust Collection issue of Powder & Bulk Solids. How to Use Cartridge Dust Collector Filters to Maintain Indoor Air Quality, Reduce Costs, authored by project manager Stephanie Schales, provides information on selecting and maintaining cartridge dust collector filters to ensure good indoor air quality and cost-effective operation.

This is important because manufacturing, processing, handling and packaging powders and bulk solids can generate nuisance and hazardous dusts and reduce indoor air quality. Facility operators must effectively collect and contain these particles to protect worker health and maintain regulatory compliance. The article examines:

Using the Right Filter Media
Selecting the right cartridge filter media for a specific application and type of dust is key to maintaining good indoor air quality, reducing employee exposure to airborne particles and efficiently operating a dust collector over its lifetime.

Maintaining the Filters
Using selective cleaning controls provides an easy way to keep filters clean. Select from continuous cleaning, on-demand cleaning or downtime cleaning, depending on your application and dust type. By setting a range of differential pressures to start and stop the filter cartridge cleaning, you can use less compressed air and achieve optimal filter cleaning efficiency and filter life.

Replacing the Filters
If you’re seeing reduced airflow, decreased capture velocity at a process area or an increase in dust within the process area, it’s time to replace the filter.

Practicing Safe Filter Change-Out
Many cartridge-style dust collectors are designed so that filters are readily accessible and easily slide in and out, so that workers don’t have to enter the equipment to change the filters.

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