Fisher Snow Plow uses a plasma table to cut 3/8" to 1/2" carbon steel parts in their snowplow manufacturing operation. Farr dealer Dave Brennan of Brennan Environmental sold them a Gold Series® to replace a competitive unit that never worked well. Installed in July 2004, the GS10 was equipped with PTF cartridges totaling 4,250 square feet of media, producing a 0.94:1 air to cloth ratio for the 4000 CFM air volume. The customer was delighted that they no longer had to replace the competitor's cartridges every 3 to 4 months.

After the GS10 was installed, Fisher Snowplow went to a 24/7 operation, substantially increasing the loading concentration. This resulted in the GS10 not being able to clean down appropriately with the standard cartridges.


Dave worked closely with Fisher Snow Plow to address the increased dust loading and subsequent problems. The modular design of the Gold Series® industrial dust collector allowed an additional GS10 to be bolted on, making it a GS20. HemiPleat® HMPTF325 filter cartridges were selected for their improved capability for dust release, thanks to the wide and uniform pleat spacing.

Since this change was made in November 2004, this unit has been running steady at 2" w.g., maintaining the required 4,000 CFM to fully evacuate the plasma table. Fisher Snow Plow is pleased that this solution has resulted in no rise in pressure drop and no loss of suction at the table.

GS10 dust collector on plasma cutting at Fisher Snow Plow.

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Plasma Cutting

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