HemiPleat® is the unique, patented method we use to create highly efficient pleated filter media that outlasts the competition and upgrades your dust collector’s performance. We stock HemiPleat filters that fit your dust collectors and we guarantee they will last longer than standard industry dust collector filters. Many customers double their filter life with HemiPleat Technology. Replacement filters are available in these media:

Any Fit, Ant Filter, Any Industry, Any Application

HemiPleat filters fit these brands and more:

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The Performance Guarantee

HemiPleat filter cartridges will run at a lower pressure drop (to save energy), meet or exceed current collection efficiencies, and last longer – or your money back. We guarantee that you will receive 30% more filter life than any competitors’ filter by switching to HemiPleat.

Pleats made with HemiPleat technology are uniform across the entire media and are held open instead of pressed together. Opening the pleats makes the entire media area usable. The difference in pleating quality can be seen in this side-by-side comparison against typical industry pleated media.