HemiPleat® Flame-Retardant PTFE Filter

What is HemiPleat Technology?

HemiPleat technology is a unique patented pleated method Camfil uses to create high-performance filters. We use synthetic glue beads to hold the pleats of the cartridge filter open for 100% media usage. HemiPleat technology lowers pressure drop and facilitates a better release of dusts during pulse cleaning, resulting in longer filter life. This lowers the energy demand of the fan motor and saves you money.

Key Benefits of HemiPleat FR-PTFE

  • Superior dust release when used on demanding applications
  • High primary cartridge filtration efficiency - E-11
  • More media per filter compared to industry standard PTFE products
  • Base media is chemically treated with a flame retardant
  • Longer filter life on most challenging applications

How is HemiPleat FR-PTFE Different?

HemiPleat FR-PTFE combines two significant filtration technologies, creating a robust yet economical filter media choice for challenging applications. Camfil’s patented HemiPleat technology has been lowering pressure drop and providing longer filter life for Camfil customers since 2002. PTFE wide pleat technology has been commercially available for many years, providing users with superior release, long filter life and high filtration efficiency. The results are superior release and higher filtration efficiencies compared to industry standard nano products.

Benefits Compared to Industry Standard Nano

  • Superior dust release on tough applications
  • E-11 filtration efficiency
  • Longer service life when used on moist or abrasive applications
  • Thermally bonded PTFE layers outlasts nano fibers

Benefits Compared to Industry Standard PTFE

  • Excellent release characteristics
  • E-11 filtration efficiency
  • 30% more filtration media per cartridge
  • Addition of flame retardant properties

What Applications Benefit Most from HemiPleat FR-PTFE?

Applications where the EPA, OSHA or end users require higher efficiency media or demanding applications that require excellent dust release characteristics. Some examples are listed below:

  • Crystalline silica dust found in glass products, pottery, clay, concrete, mining, foundries, ready mix, stone processing, refractory products or abrasive blasting
  • Hexchrome by-product from welding or other hot work metal containing chromium, paint pigments and coating
  • Beryllium copper processing found in foundries, machine shops, smelting, refining or abrasive blasting
  • Pharmaceutical applications like milling, blending, drying, tablet compression, tablet coating and central vacuum systems
  • Chemical processing
  • Thermal spray processes
  • Laser or plasma thermal cutting that does not contain oils or hydrocarbons

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