Dust Collector Explosion Vents

Built for:Dust & Fume


Gold Series dust collector with X-Vent safeguards against potentially lethal factory dust explosions

High Performance Ribbed X-vent

Employee safety is always in the engineering forefront of Camfil APC's dust collector designs; from our patented Cambar door system, which allows for fast, safe and trouble free filter change-outs (no tools required) to durable construction using the heaviest steel (7-10 gauge) on the market today.

Don't let your employees remain at risk due to cost factors! Camfil APC's team of experts can retrofit the "X-vent" onto your existing Camfil APC dust collector, thus providing a cost effective solution and they can also provide expert guidance on your ducting requirements.

Here are some site resources related to explosion and environmental regulations in Europe:

High Performance Flameless Explosion Vents

Camfil APC's Gold Series dust collectors have always been proven performers (exceeding OSHA mandates) in the prevention of hazardous combustible dust build-up and now the addition of the "X-vent"helps to safeguard work environments by reducing the possibility of a dust explosion.

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