Completed GS6 dust collector pictured after 1 year of operation running at less than 1" of static pressure across the filters.

Premix in North Kingsville, Ohio, has over 50 years of experience and is the largest North American developer, formulator, and manufacturer of thermoset compounds, also manufacturing thermoset molded parts. They serve a broad range of industries, including electrical, appliance/HVAC, construction, industrial equipment, transportation, automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, and military. They offer the widest range of commercial composite materials available, including sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC), thick molding compounds (TMC) and engineered structural composites (ESC).

They had brand new equipment running on the thick molding compounds and the sheet molding compounds machines. Premix needed a dust collector to collect the dust generated by the chopping of the continuous strand fiberglass rovings coming from the TMC and SMC machines. Rovings are multistranded string/ropelike entities chopped and used to provide reinforcement for sheet molding compounds and thick molding compounds.


GS6 dust collector being used as an inline pre-filter for a thermal oxidizer.

Premix got a recommendation by an oxidizer company to look at Camfil APC for their dust collection needs. After looking over Camfil APC’s website and contacting them, sales representative Leonard “JR” Iacco, Jr. of Rolin & Associates received the recommendation to visit Premix in North Kingsville, Ohio. JR visited Premix with the Gold Series demo trailer to display the high-quality craftsmanship, easy changeout filters and the ease of use.

Premix decided to go with a model GS6 Gold Series® industrial dust collector that collects the fiberglass dust or, as Premix likes to call it, “fuzz and fly” from two SMC machines and one TMC machine at the same time. The GS6 is running at 4,000 CFM @ 14” SP with a 2.96:1 air-to-cloth ratio using spunbond Dura-Pleat® filters.

With the low pressure drop from the cartridges and a frequency drive, the customer is saving the most energy possible. Premix’s Corporate Environmental Manager, Walt McSherry, told JR at Rolin & Associates, “I have owned every dust collector out there; nothing has ever compared to a Camfil APC dust collector!” JR says, “Premix has been very happy with the performance of their GS6 that is collecting the fiberglass dust.” The GS6 was installed in June 2009 and has been running in full operation since August 2009.

JR says, “It was easy for Premix to make the decision after a hands-on demonstration of the Gold Series trailer. Once the unit was installed, they had forgotten it— it took care of itself.”

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