Because of their close proximity to a residential area, a wall was built to reduce the noise level.

At the Colony Display Systems headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, they design, manufacture, and deliver fixtures and point-of-sale products for many of the leading national retail chains in the United States. From its five manufacturing facilities in suburban Chicago, Colony's designers and engineers create aesthetically-appealing and highly functional retail fixtures made from wood, metal, laminates, veneers, and glass. Their extraordinary growth is due to their innovative design, highly skilled personnel in every department, high volume, and attention to detail throughout the entire production process.

Colony takes pride in creating fixtures that are safe, contemporary, durable, and easy to use. In St. Charles, Illinois, they have a 160,000 square foot plant that specializes in a wide variety of wood and mixed material fixtures. This plant was built in 2006 and needed a dust collector for 16 new docks that produce high-quality commercial furniture. They needed to eliminate the dangers of wood dust while keeping noise to a minimum due to their close proximity to a residential neighborhood.


A router exhaust hood is connected to the exhaust system.

The president of Colony, Jerry Zich, searched Google for dust collectors and found Camfil APC. He discussed his dust collection needs for his new woodworking facility with John Dietrich, a sales representative at Process Resources, Inc. John Dietrich quoted and installed a GS48L with access platforms elevated by a special steel support system, providing clearance for a large roll-off dumpster.

The GS48L has a 125HP fan with a silencer to keep the noise from disrupting the surrounding residential area. John says, “The dust collector works very well and has no problems with noise.” The GS48L also features explosion venting, a Flamex® spark detection and extinguishing system, an abort damper system, and a final filter for returning air back into the plant for a safer work environment. It is operating at 31,200 CFM @ 16” SP with a 2:1 air to cloth ratio. The dust collector also includes three hoppers to provide even distribution into the dumpster with rotary airlocks on each hopper.

Camfil APC's Gold Series® dust collection system captures the dust from Colony's woodworking machinery.

John says, “The wood dust is being picked up very well from all of the pickup points, the automated saw and router machines!” As of September 2010, the GS48L has been in operation for almost 4 years. The HemiPleat® cartridges were only recently changed since their original installation back in 2006!

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