Gold Series® GS40 dust extractor located at Thermico‘s factory in Dortmund, Germany.

Thermico GmbH & Co. KG, a German-based company, develops, produces, and distributes robot-based coating centers. They specialize in plasma and high-velocity flame spray systems that provide coatings for a wide range of products, from aircraft turbine blades to Teflon® frying pans.

Thermico required a new extraction system to handle the dust and fumes from the plasma and HVOF spray systems that were being installed on their new premises.

Owing to their long-term relationship with Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC), Thermico approached Camfil APC looking for a solution meeting the requirements of this demanding application.


Camfil APC addressed the issue by supplying their ATEX compliant GS40 Gold Series® industrial dust collector, complete with a supply air system.

The Gold Series dust collector was fitted with explosion venting panels and 40 high-efficiency fire retardant HemiPleat® Gold Cone®cartridges to handle the thermal spray dust and fumes. This configuration offered high-efficiency filtration in a special package for all of Thermico's thermal spray processes. Following discussions, Camfil APC also included an energy-saving setup that incorporated a heat exchange system.

A view of the heat exchange system installed above the dust extractor.

In summer, fresh air is provided through the supply air system, while the warm air from the factory processes is exhausted to the atmosphere, therefore helping to keep the factory cool. In winter, they switch the heat exchange system. Warm air from the dust collector is passed through the heat exchanger, which heats up the incoming fresh air before discharging it into the building, cutting winter heating costs. In fact, the system was tested during the winter, and it was so effective that Thermico will not need any additional winter heating.

Thermico is delighted with the solution which creates a safe working environment meeting all legislative requirements, while helping them save on energy costs and ensure sustainability.

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Thermico GmbH & Co.KG Dortmund, Germany

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