Trader Publishing was setting up a new facility in Columbia, TN. A production area with perfect binders and saddle stitchers would produce a range of paper dust consisting of fines to fluffy material. This fugitive dust would need to be captured downstream of a cyclone, which would remove the larger paper pieces from trim handling systems. Because of the cyclone’s special design to operate at zero pressure, the cartridge collector would need to be carefully sized and regulated to balance the downstream change in pressure.


GS16 dust collector on paper dust at Trader Publishing.

Camfil sales rep Bobby Hash of Airsystem Sales designed the entire system and included a Gold Series® industrial dust collector. With the custom cyclone moving 16990 m3h, Bobby sized up a GS16 with PTFW350 cartridges for an air-to-cloth ratio of 1.78:1. The wide-pleat cartridges with overbags would filter the fines and fluffy particulate without plugging. A dampered, top-mount fan would regulate the negative pressure to equalize the positive pressure created by the remote-mount fan pushing through the cyclone. A rupture-type explosion vent was supplied as a precaution for this potentially hazardous application. The Gold Series system shipped in July 2003 and has had no cartridge change-outs for over a year now. Trader Publishing is pleased with the Gold Series performance in this unique collection system.

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