The Farr Gold Series® GS24 industrial dust collector located near the baler and APS units.

Precision Press, Inc. is an innovative printing, labeling, and packaging company located in North Mankato, MN. As part of the Taylor Corporation, they stand as one of the top five graphic communication and commercial print companies in North America. Quickly adapting to a constantly changing market by offering creative new packaging and labeling solutions has made Precision Press, Inc. an industry leader. This requires using the latest production and printing equipment available.

Paper and plastic recyclable scrap and fine dust were being processed through a cyclone baghouse dust collection system requiring frequent maintenance. Fine dust was blowing through the cloth baghouse filters and coating the warehouse structure and inventory. Accumulation of fine dust was a nuisance and a large housekeeping expense. With the combination of growth and an increasingly unreliable dust collection system, improvements had to be made.


Facility Supervisor Marlyn Mosher at Precision Press Inc. stands in foreground of the Gold Series® GS16L dust collection system.

Marlyn Mosher, the Facility Supervisor at Precision Press Inc., turned to Greg Schreier, Camfil APC rep at Glacier Technology. Greg set up an on-site meeting to review the application requirements and plant needs. New printing equipment, choppers, APS units, existing equipment and varying process media needed to be considered for a new dust collection system.

Greg was able to address all the issues and layout with Camfil APC's GS24 and the GS16L Gold Series® industrial dust collector.

The GS24 is capable of handling 16,000 CFM, and will easily service 14 production/printing lines, 7-10 choppers, and 5 APS air paper separator units. The GS16L with its 9,250 CFM capacity and long design was strategically placed along a warehouse wall allowing plenty of room for aisle mobility and easy access. Variable speed drive blowers and controls were used for reduced energy consumption. The return clean air is recycled into work areas to provide both a clean and warm working environment that reduces energy consumption and costs.

Strongly committed to sustainability and the environment, Precision Press leads the industry in lowest level VOC output and maintains a zero waste facility policy. The GS24 has performed over expectations and has undergone only one filter change out since the original installation. The GS16 still has the original Hemipleat cartridges from the 2003 installation and is performing exceptionally well.

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