When it comes to innovations for the future of the automotive industry, automotive suppliers need to keep up to speed too. A German company specializing in exclusive automotive electronic systems and interiors is primarily concerned with sustainable solutions, environmental credentials, and profitability. This applies not only to its manufacturing, but also to its use of dust filtration systems.

The manufacturing process, which involves cutting, sanding and welding with a range of materials from leather and plastic to wood, creates large build-ups of dust and contaminants. In such instances, basic air filtration systems are overstrained. The automotive supplier uses industrial dust removal systems to meet its requirements during manufacturing. The built-in filter cartridges are regularly cleaned by means of a compressed air jet. After a number of cleanings, the filters became torn and the manufacturing process ground to a halt. This called for a quick and optimum solution to keep the standstill period as short as possible, thereby minimizing production downtime.


For the past year, Camfil has been providing the automotive supplier with bag filters for use in building services and production engineering. Camfil‘s responsible area manager was informed of the emergency by the technical director of the automotive supplier company. The Camfil employee immediately took action, examining the on-site situation and identifying the cartridges. Following a consultation with engineers in Reinfeld, an appropriate Camfil filter solution was suggested: Dura-Pleat filter cartridges for dust extraction technology.

Now, the automotive supplier also successfully uses Camfil filter cartridges for dust extraction. The conversion resulted in no major alteration work, and previously used cartridges were easily replaced with Camfil filter cartridges from the Dura-Pleat series.

The technical director said, "Thanks to the quick and easy conversion carried out by the Camfil team, we were able to prevent a greater loss of production. Within a day, the Camfil experts from Reinfeld had supplied the appropriate filter cartridges at our plant in Achim, saving us both time and money. Alongside the excellent service and comprehensive advice received, the new filter cartridges also represent an economic improvement in our manufacturing. Lower energy costs prove this."

Thanks to Camfil‘s unrivaled pleating technology in the field of dust extraction, an open pleat geometry has been achieved. This leads to a clear reduction in drop pressure as well as improved cleaning properties. Further advantages are the lower energy costs resulting from the reduced air consumption of Dura-Pleat filter cartridges, reduced contaminant emissions and increased durability of the cartridges.

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