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GS16 Industrial Dust Collector

The GS16 is installed outside of the factory, providing more space, less noise, and a cleaner working environment.

This company, located on the West Coast of Scotland, is a leading global development partner in the avionics and automotive industries. They offer unique systems competence regarding internal combustion engines and engine peripherals. They rank among the top three systems suppliers worldwide for engine components such as piston systems, cylinder components, and valve trains. Their facility in Scotland manufactures precision bearings for the automotive industry.

This customer was using wet type dust extractors in their manufacturing area to control the dust from their aluminum linishing process. There were several issues with these wet type dust collectors. They were noisy, inefficient and had to be cleaned out at least once a week. Most importantly of all, they did not comply with the local emissions regulations.


Russell Consulting Scotland Ltd., a specialist in providing independent advice for local exhaust ventilation systems, contacted their long-term business partner Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC). They did this on behalf of this Scottish company for the purpose of providing the best solution to meet the challenges above.

Camfil APC specializes in dust control systems and proposed a high-tech, custom-designed dust extraction system that would meet all the customer’s demands.

The solution is based on a GS16 Gold Series® industrial dust collector. As aluminum dust is highly explosive, the dust extractor had to be fully ATEX compliant. The dust collector incorporates an integral drop out section to remove large volumes of dust from the airstream prior to the air passing through the filter cartridges. This reduces the dust loading on the cartridges and, therefore, improves the filter life. Over 1000 kg per week of collected material is discharged from the collector via three rotary valves into 1m3 flexible bags.

The GS16 Gold Series was fitted with carbon impregnated HemiPleat Gold Cone filter cartridges. It was supplied complete with an access platform as well as an energy-saving variable speed drive controlled by a differential pressure monitor. The system installed provides highly efficient extraction, ensuring that operators are protected from exposure to dust generated during the linishing process.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has tested the system and they concluded that it is an “excellent installation."

The customer is delighted with their new dust extraction system, as it has both improved the working environment and reduced maintenance costs. Moreover, production no longer needs to be shut down each week in order to clean the dust collector.

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