The Huijbregts Group provides powder ingredients stock management for leading food industries around Europe. They execute their processes according to the highest quality standards and strictest food safety legislation.

The Huijbregts group was looking for a reliable, sustainable, easy maintenance and low “life-cycle cost” dust collection system for their newly built production site in Helmond, NL.

Kuijpers Installaties BV was tasked with finding the right supplier for the dust collection equipment and the HVAC setup to achieve the ISO 6 environmental demands for allergen-free production in the production cells.

A dust sample was analyzed at the Camfil APC test facility in Jonesboro, AR, and they recommended the most suitable media type and air-to-cloth ratio.

After careful evaluation of a number of suppliers, Kuijpers decided that the Camfil APC Farr Gold Series dust collector offered the best solution, fully meeting the requirements of the project managers at The Huijbregts Group. Showing the demo unit on-site gave the project managers even more confidence in the unique features of the Gold Series.


To avoid complicated ductwork and to achieve the best flexibility and reliability, Huijbregts decided to install 18 separate dust collection units. Fourteen of these are installed on individual production cells, with the remaining 4 units being used for material and bulk handling on the top floor of the factory.

The exhaust volume from each production cell varies between 1,500 m3/hr and 4,000 m3/hr and is controlled by a variable frequency drive and pressure sensors in the ducting on each system. The Gold Series® industrial dust collectors are supplied complete with Dura-Pleat Gold Cone cartridges, top-mounted fan sets, silencers and secondary security filters.

The dust collectors are reinforced to withstand a pressure of 0.45 bar so, if required, they can be retrofitted with a flame quench device for safe indoor explosion venting.

The Dura-Pleat cartridges fitted to the units are a washable, heavy-duty spunbond polyester, providing high-efficiency filtration with low pressure loss and excellent cleaning characteristics for a long life.

Our contact person at Huijbregts Group said, “We chose dust collectors from Camfil APC because they are recognized as a quality dust collector manufacturer and their standard dust collectors have all the elements we need. All the other dust collectors needed expensive modifications before meeting our requests.”

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