Bridgestone APM specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of vibration isolation, energy absorbing pads and foam seating components for the automotive industry. Expanding their foam products division with a new facility in Dickson, TN prompted them to find a dust collector supplier.

Using the Internet, they contacted our sales rep, Bob Hash of Airsystem Sales, through his website. This would be a tough application as the material to be captured would consist of dry foam fines, slivers, balls, and chunks.


Before meeting with the customer, Bob called John Dauber, Camfil APC's central regional manager. For reference, they reviewed a Gold Series® industrial dust collector installation at a similar plant up north. Bob then visited Bridgestone APM's new site and saw that they had two separate production lines set up. In both cases, several molds would go around on a conveyor line where liquid foam would be poured at one point. After going through a curing process, the formed foam pieces would be manually picked out of the molds. This is where the molds would be cleaned out, generating the dust.

GS12 dust collection unit on a foam mold process at Bridgestone APM.

Alternate view of the GS16 collector.

Bob quoted and sold a GS12 and a GS16 to handle 7,727 CFM and 4,373 CFM, respectively. Hoods ducted to the collectors were installed over the molds in the cleaning area. Wide pleat, carbon impregnated PTCW cartridges with overbags were installed to keep the different sized foam pieces from sticking to them. The sizing and product selections turned into a winning combination. Both units have been running great since they were installed in April 2004, and Bridgestone APM is pleased with their performance.

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