Hunterwood hay press with duct connections.

Ward Rugh has been in business for over 70 years, producing compact bundles of pressed hay bales for cattle feed to be used by dairy farmers worldwide. The company has been a dependable resource throughout the United States and abroad, especially in Japan. The clientele of Ward Rugh is an upscale market, which requires them to have a high-quality image in all aspects.

Ward Rugh had a successful Gold Series cartridge collector installation on a small scale that produced small, birds-nest size wads of hay dust. However, the owners were wary of the concept for the new large-scale press, which was 10 times larger. The concern stemmed from a nearby Torit installation that had plugging problems from the start with the fibrous hay dust.


Gold Series model GS32 collecting hay dust from presses.

John Wilson, Camfil APC rep at David P. Wilson Company, visited the Ward Rugh company in Ellensburg, Washington. John showed Ward Rugh the benefits of having the additional, larger GS32 Gold Series® industrial dust collector. Accompanied by John, Ward Rugh viewed a competitor’s factory that had a similar size hay press that Ward Rugh was in the process of purchasing. This enabled them to determine the Gold Series size needed since the larger hay press created a high amount of smaller hay dust instead of small, birds-nest size wads of dust. The end result was the installation of a GS32. John says, “Ward Rugh bought a new press and wanted to be the first in the industry to be the best at getting the dust. They wanted a clean shop to show visiting customers as well as to pursue their goal of improving the environment for their workers. The GS32 exceeded their expectations!”

The GS32 that was installed in June 2010 provides 20,000 CFM, 8.5” SP, 625 CFM per cartridge. The pressure drop across the filters can be quickly pulsed down from 2” to 1” w.c. within minutes. It has extra large 16” airlocks and lightweight translucent dust receptacles that can be used with a forklift. John says, “It is becoming more frequent that manufacturing plant owners won’t tolerate a messy shop.” This is another dust collection problem that Camfil APC was able to solve and exceed the expectations of the customer.

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