MCM HEK is based in Lübeck, Germany and is a member of the MCP Group, who have additional facilities in Wellingborough (UK), Fairfield (USA) and Shenzen (China). Their activities are based on the production of non-toxic Bismuth chemicals for use in many industries including pharmaceuticals and electronics.

MCP HEK had a fire in 2009, resulting in the destruction of their existing dust extraction plant. To keep production going, MCP HEK looked for a company that could provide a quick delivery and help them maintain their high standards.

Camfil APC in Germany was contacted to carry out a site survey and presented a suitable solution.

The main problem was the explosive nature of the dust. The old system had not been equipped with any explosion protection, and MCP HEK realized that the incident could have been far worse if it had resulted in an explosion rather than a fire.


Camfil APC recommended a Gold Series dust collector fitted with a vertical explosion plenum. In the event of another incident, the explosion plenum would vent any explosion safely upwards and away from any personnel or buildings.

Finding a suitable location for the dust collector was difficult, as the factory is built around a central courtyard with high walls and windows. It was, therefore, decided to install the new dust collector outside the building. Due to the location of the factory in a residential area, extra care was required to ensure noise from the system was kept to a minimum.

MCP HEK decided to use Camfil APC because of the good engineering work on-site, the ease of maintenance for the Gold Series dust collector and the quick delivery. The system was commissioned in December 2009 and, following an initial trial period, some minor modifications were made to improve the performance. The system has been running successfully since that time.

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