General Cable is a leading manufacturer of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets. When they were consolidating facilities, a process was moved into the Jackson, TN plant and a dust collector was needed. Different dry components including fine powders and pigments were being mixed to make plastic wire insulation.


GS16 dust collector on plastic powder mixing at General Cable.

Bobby Hash of Airsystem Sales received the sales lead from an engineering firm and was referred to the customer. The operation involved bag breakers to open 50-pound bags of powdered materials and a "super sack unloader," which could lift and handle up to 2,000-pound bags with a crane. Material handling hoods to a system handling 12,000 CFM would be required. Bobby sized up and sold a GS16 Gold Series industrial dust collector with standard PTS cartridges. A top-mounted safety monitoring filter permits recirculation and saves valuable heating and cooling costs year-round.

The unit has been running trouble free since September of 2001, and that first set of cartridges had nearly a 3-year filter life before needing a changeout.

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