ASC (formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation) was awarded a contract to build three air warfare destroyers at their Osborne, South Australia location. The manufacturing process for the ships consisted of individual sections called blocks. Each block can be up to 15 m long, 15 m wide, 10 m high and weigh up to 400 tons. Each block requires blasting, painting and paint curing.

The project presented several challenges as it is a new and unique innovation requiring design and engineering experience across all three facets of the project. With two buildings constructed within a close radius of each other, a dust collection system needed to be installed within the expedited deadline of the contract.


Oliver Technologies was awarded the contract to install the ventilation system that included a dust collection system that was capable of accommodating all three combined processes.

Oliver Technologies began installation of a ventilation system that could operate in various modes and cycles to accommodate the abrasive blasting, spray painting and paint curing operation located in each building. Working with Camfil APC Australia to address dust collection, it was decided that the exhaust fans would recirculate the air and utilize two Gold Series GS36 industrial dust collectors per building to remove the dust particulate. The GS36 dust collectors, equipped with explosion vents, were expedited to arrive within the narrow timeframe of the contract.

Oliver Technologies completed and commissioned the project to the standards and specifications required by ASC within the required timeframe and budgetary requirements.

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