GS96 industrial dust collector successfully handling foundry sand containing lead and other metals.

Webster Foundry, located in Franklin, New Hampshire, is a large foundry that specializes in bronze casting. They have been operating multiple shifts 5-6 days per week and have been in operation since 1914. Webster Foundry is a subsidiary of Watts Water Technologies, an international manufacturer of water flow control products founded in 1874 and with over 70 facilities worldwide.

Most of the existing collectors at Webster are baghouses, but Webster was not happy with the efficiency or maintenance costs. Dust collection was unsatisfactory at the conveyor transfer points. They are also planning to close a facility in China and move it to Franklin, NH. To handle this increase in production, Webster needed to upgrade their dust collection systems to handle the increase in production while providing energy efficiencies.

One of the challenges faced was that the abrasive dust contained lead and silica, which are both regulated materials. To handle the added exhaust due to the increase in production, the new dust collection system would require a filter efficiency warranty.


A dust sample was sent to Camfil APC for analysis. The dust was also tested for explosivity by Fike Corporation. It was determined not to be explosive, but explosion vents were recommended as a safety precaution. Sales representative Brian Flynn of Ventilation Control Products, Inc. (VCP) and Camfil APC’s Matt Caulfield made a site visit in Franklin to view the process and discuss emission requirements with Webster foundry management, EHS, and their contracted environmental engineering firm. Camfil APC took the requirements established in the meeting and used them to develop the proper air-to-cloth ratio, Gold Series® industrial dust collector configuration and a written filter performance warranty.

The GS96 dust collector includes a backdraft damper and double AR type inlets for abrasion protection.

VCP and Camfil APC worked with Webster Foundry management and their environmental engineering consultant on the coordination of the filter efficiency and overall project design. In August 2009, VCP installed a GS96 and provided a complete turnkey installation. The installation included a hood design, dust collection equipment installation, ducting, a gas-fired makeup air unit, heavy-duty abrasion-resistant (AR) inlets with Rhino™ lining, system start-up, and training. To meet the customer’s energy efficiency goals, VCP included a premium efficiency motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) with airflow control system to maintain the design airflow as the filter pressure changes. VCP worked with Webster and their utility to get a 100% rebate for the cost of the added energy efficiency components. This VFD/airflow control system has a payback of just over one year!

This Gold Series turnkey installation had to be done around the customer’s production schedule. Nights, weekends and holiday work were part of the installation process. VCP worked with Webster’s structural engineer to design and locate the numerous structural steel supports needed for the large duct system. The GS96 is now capturing dust from the hoods on the transfer points, enclosures from vibrating conveyors and shot blasting equipment unloading. It is operating efficiently at 37,400 CFM @ 19” WG while providing a safe work environment for Webster’s employees.

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