This year Camfil is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Gold Series® dust collectors. Nearly 20,000 of these industry leading collectors have been sold to date and they have been providing cleaner air in factories all over the world for more than two decades. They handle toxic and combustible dusts and fumes with maximum airflow and minimal filter change-outs and energy costs.

Solves Dust and Fume Problems Across Many Industries and Applications

Gold Series dust collectors are ideal for most industrial applications that produce or process fine, fibrous and heavy dusts and fumes. Industries that benefit the most include pharmaceutical, mining, food processing, chemical processing, and metalworking applications like welding, thermal spray, plasma cutting, laser cutting, and abrasive blasting.

Modular Construction to Fit Any Application

A modular design makes it fast and easy to get the precise configuration required for any location or application. Gold Series collectors are easy to build and assemble in limitless sizes and configurations. Each housing module can accommodate four cartridges of HemiPleat® filter media and can handle airflows up to 5,000 cfm while maintaining a low pressure drop.



The modular design also enables fast delivery of a system that is just right for your application and your space. They ship in as few pieces as possible for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Mitigating Combustible Dust Risks

Combustible dust explosions are a serious risk at many manufacturing, processing and metalworking plants. An unprotected dust collection system can be a main cause.

Gold Series dust collectors help mitigate these risks because they are configured to your unique situation.

Gold Series dust collectors exceed OSHA mandates for indoor air quality. And they are tested to meet NFPA & ATEX standards and available with many explosion protection options including explosion vents, isolation valves, integrated safety monitoring filters, and fire-retardant filter cartridges.

Camfil APC offers dust testing services and a fully equipped test lab that provides bench dust testing and ASHRAE Standard 199 testing.

The Power of Gold Cone Filters

A dust collector is only as good as its filter cartridges, and Gold Series collectors use premium Gold Cone filters that last longer than standard filter cartridges. They were designed specifically for the Gold Series dust collector.

There are two models of Gold Cone filters; one that contains 325 square feet of media and another that offers 375 square feet of media.  This combination allows Camfil to operate in every industrial application with the industry’s highest air-to-cloth ratio. The innovative design provides a low pressure drop, which means fewer filters are required for any given application.

The Gold Series dust collector combined with Gold Cone filters provides facilities the most powerful and cost-efficient dust collection system on the market. The system maximizes airflow while minimizing filter change-outs, compressed air usage and energy costs.

HemiPleat Technology

This is Camfil’s unique method of creating highly efficient pleated filter media. Synthetic glue beads hold the pleats open and evenly spaced. Open uniform pleats expose more media to the airstream so that more dust is loaded on the filter and then released when pulse-cleaned. HemiPleat filters are far more efficient than standard filters.

Gold Cone® Technology

Gold Cone  and Gold Cone X-Flo cartridges feature our proprietary Gold Cone inner pleat packs. This open-bottomed, inner cone o

f media greatly expands the usable surface area of cartridges. Less pulsing of filter cartridges is necessary, so the filters stay clean longer and require less change-outs than conventional pleated filters.The inner cone is configured so that pulsed air is evenly distributed top to bottom along the outer pack of the filter and down through the inner cone pack. With each pulse, the Gold Series and X-Flo filter cartridges eject more dust out of the collector than any other filter and helps maintain a low pressure drop.

Downward-Facing Media

Gold Cone filter cartridges are engineered to blow out more dust with each pulse and have it fall straight down to the hopper.  Cartridges have more downward-facing media than any other system with up to 40% of each HemiPleat filter cartridge focusing on discharging collected dust. This offers a huge advantage over horizontal-style filters that pulse 90% of the dust back onto adjacent filters and only 10% into the hopper.

Automatic Filter Cleaning and Energy Saving Controls

GS Controller

This touch screen controller has energy efficient modes of operation and a flat menu structure that enables access to the most common parameters with the fewest clicks. The GS controller easily accommodates eight languages and units, and a USB port makes software updates easy. The advanced section has multiple inputs that can trigger alarms for multiple external sensors and devices. Only two wires are required to connect the touchscreen and the pulse solenoids, regardless of the solenoid quantity.

VFD Controller

The timer controller with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) option provides complete control of the blower during and after startup. It has all the necessary functions for a controlled start without the high current loads typically associated with blowers. It also provides the ability to control the blower’s speed, which provides energy savings and process functionality.

Gold Series Feature Re-Cap

  • Heavy duty 7 & 10-gauge steel construction. Powder coated inside and out for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Each module can process more dust and move more air through the filters while maintaining a low pressure drop.
  • Gold Cone and Gold Cone X-Flo Filter vertical cartridges have more downward-facing media than any other filter on the market, which doubles the airflow through the cone.
  • Many explosion protection options including explosion vents with horizontal, vertical and flame quench ducting.
  • OPTIONAL ISMF (Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter) isolates downstream equipment from the progression of a flame front in the event of a combustible dust explosion. Also adding HEPA level filtration so high quality air can be returned to the space, saving energy costs and protecting people and processes.

Gold Series dust collectors effectively process dust while maintaining a low pressure drop. You get the maximum airflow and dust processing power for any given footprint. Filter cartridges last longer and require fewer change-outs, reducing the total cost of ownership. To learn more about Gold Series collectors click here or call 800-479-6801.