KSMV (Kristiansands Skruefabrikk & Mekanisk Verksted AS), located in Southern Norway, is a modern, well-equipped workshop with 105 highly educated employees. Otto Hansen established the workshop in 1918.

The company is continuously developed and is a specialized subcontractor with primarily offshore deliveries. Quality, service and on-time delivery are critical to satisfying the high demands of this industry.

When KSMV decided to invest in an extraction system for welding fumes, they contacted ITEK, Camfil APC’s partner in Norway.


A design with a central dust collector, ductwork system, and flexible arms was presented to KSMV. They liked the proposal and the high quality of the Gold Series® industrial dust collector and placed an order with ITEK.

The system incorporates a Gold Series GS06 with a fan featuring a variable speed drive that is governed by the under pressure in the duct system. This design makes the system automatic.

After a worker opens an extraction point, the pressure in the system goes down. This drop in pressure triggers the variable speed drive, which increases the fan speed to maintain both the pressure and air volume extracted. This process offers significant energy savings and a more environmentally friendly solution.

Any extracted air is blown into the ventilation system and then passed through a heat exchanger before leaving the building, resulting in even more energy savings. The installation has been in operation since November 2009 and is working very well.

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KSMV — Kristiansand, Norway


Welding fumes

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