Showerama manufactures a range of cabinets and bathroom/kitchen products in Australia. The woodworking process consists of all types of Craft wood, MDF, Chipboard, and other woods for their application. Showerama currently uses a competitive dust collector with their brand cartridges, which cannot keep up with the amount of dust the application produces. The unit had started to leak dust into the clean air chamber, and this dust was coming out of the collector and settling on the employees and the visitors' cars in the parking lot.


Woodworking application at Showerama.

Showerama decided it was time to change cartridge suppliers. Camfil’s Ed Dowe went in and presented the HemiPleat cartridge to the company. The HemiPleat cartridge's proven performance convinced the customer it was the right solution for their needs. Once the HemiPleats were in place, the collector was off and running at a great pace. The operators couldn’t believe how much suction they had at all collection points. Showerama can now operate and run efficiently and not worry about dust buildup slowing them down.

Competitor's cartridge "blown out" under the pressure.

Clean HemiPleat (top right-hand corner) next to competitor's dirty cartridges.

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Showerama — Australia



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