In the Gold Series welding area in our own high bay facility, we relied on the large, open shop doors for ventilation. But business has been good! Production has greatly increased and so has the weld smoke and fumes. It was especially a problem during the winter when we kept the door closed as much as possible.


GS48 on Welding Fume at Camfil APC High Bay Plant

A GS48 Gold Series® industrial dust collector with high-efficiency HemiPleat® HE's and an integrated HEPA safety monitoring filter solved our problem. To get the 81,552 m3h we needed, we used (2) 37 KW top-mount fans. There was no noticeable vibration due to the standard, heavy-duty construction of the collector.

We integrated a secondary bank of safety monitoring filters into the roof of the collector. The row of small doors above the diaphragm valves provides access to the HEPA's. Each 4-cartridge filter module has two 457mm x 914mm HEPAs capable of handling 6,796 m3h per module. The HEPAs slide in on rails and use the same style clamp bars as the Gold Cone primary filters. This option was a little more expensive than using our standard MagnaPack (which is a remote-mount, side-access housing), but saved us a lot of ductwork, transitions, installation time and, most importantly, space! It also keeps the HEPA filters under negative pressure.

Look closely at the ductwork in the photos. You will see openings in the top of the duct every 6 meters. By facing the intake of the ducts upward toward the ceiling, we actually used the ceiling as a capture plenum to help draw in the weld smoke. This is much more effective than facing the openings downward.

Right Angle Inlets

Shown in the photo below are the right angle inlets. This option is actually offered as an "abrasion resistant inlet" for abrasive dust applications, but it has become popular for getting the right angle inlet into the GS without having to fabricate an elbow and transition. We found this useful for this installation.

GS48 with HEPA Safety Monitoring Filter

It took one day with two workers to assemble the whole GS together. It took three workers two full days to hang the ductwork. The controls were installed in a day, so the whole process took only a week. As an added benefit, we no longer have to run our heaters in the winter because the dust collector sucks all the heat off the ceiling and delivers it back down to where the workers are. Our own team cannot believe how warm it is in the shop with no heater on. This saves us approximately $80,000 per year!

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Camfil Air Pollution Control — Jonesboro, AR


Welding Fume/Smoke

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