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Master carver John Goodrow Sr. and carvers Gene Buchinger and Troy Spencer replicate and originate carvings to match classical architectural styles throughout the Midwest. They have over 100 years combined experience in the stone industry. Limestone, sandstone, bluestone, flagstone and other stones create an enormous amount of dust in the four booths where slot hoods remove it to a Farr Tenkay collector. Unfortunately, the old dust collector system that they purchased on eBay doesn’t have the capacity required to remove dust in the four booths.


GS10 Industrial Dust Collector

Gold Series model GS10 relieves the particle load once captured solely by the older, undersized Tenkay collector.

Camfil APC representative at EXFil, Fred Marshall, had already provided some new duct and slot hoods to increase the effectiveness of the Tenkay collector. It was obvious to everyone that the 16 cartridge Tenkay was unable to remove the dust from all four booths. It was never intended to handle four booths, but with business on the rise, Capital Stoneworks did what most small businesses do and added the overload to the existing equipment. Capital Stoneworks acknowledged that the additional profit earned from the increase in business should be used for a new dust collector, which would help keep the facility cleaner and improve the work environment for its employees.

The GS10 Gold Series® industrial dust collector was purchased in May, installed in July 2010, and runs 8–12 hours a day. The new collector provides 10,000 CFM @ 11.0” SP. The initial pressure drop is an amazingly low 0.7” SP. They switched the older Tenkay to HemiPleat® cartridges, and its performance has improved dramatically with a much lower initial pressure drop and an improved ability to clean the new cartridges from Camfil APC. Capital Stoneworks and their employees are impressed with the new Gold Series dust collector. They appreciate that the Gold Series is maintenance friendly with an easy-to-use control panel. The GS10 with HemiPleat cartridges is keeping up with production while delivering the design CFM. They are getting optimum suction with heavy loading.

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Stone Carving, Cutting, Sanding

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