With more than 60 years of experience in the construction industry, Natural Stone Concepts, LLC fabricates and installs granite, marble, and engineered stone countertops along with natural stone tile flooring. Since the first day of operation in August 2002, Natural Stone Concepts has fabricated and installed 888,900 square feet of countertops. They have four locations comprising of 138,000 square feet of manufacturing space along with outside slab storage on both the Florida east coast and west coast. Their previous dust collection system was handicapped by lack of suction and poor overall performance in capturing the abrasive blast dust. There was also a lack of open floor space and low ceilings for the new Camfil APC dust collector.


21,600 CFM Gold Series Booth encapsulates blast dust in countertop manufacturing area.

Camfil APC reps Tony Altherr and Rod Tucker of Air Processing Services in Pompano Beach, Florida visited Natural Stone Concepts to address the dust problems that were caused by their failing dust collector. Tony Altherr said, “We can provide a very flexible system for use with various dust producing materials that change in size and location.” Natural Stone Concepts was moving into a new facility and wanted a high-performance dust collector to keep the new facility clean for their employees. They installed a GSB 16-7 Gold Series Booth providing 21,600 CFM @ 4” WG to make that happen and to fulfill Natural Stone Concepts’ needs.

Gold Series Booth Model GSB 16-7 in the finishing area.

The low ceiling issue was resolved by taking advantage of the booth’s modular design, bringing in each module one by one using a forklift and then assembling them to make a complete booth. Installation using a crane was not an option. Tony says, “Natural Stone Concepts stated prior to the installation that we were ‘The only vendor who is very knowledgeable in dust collection.' " Ed Angell from Natural Stone Concepts used the words “professional," “dedicated” and “first-class service” when describing his relations with Tony Altherr, Rod Tucker, and Camfil APC. The installed GSB 16-7 Gold Series Booth is successfully capturing the abrasive blast dust.

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Natural Stone Concepts – Naples, FL


Marble and Stone Finishing

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