The GS32 industrial dust collector working on paper and glass dust.

Prior to the installation of the Camfil APC Gold Series 32 dust collector system, Veolia's building was filled with fine airborne dust, which consisted of paper dust and general household dust.


After the dust collector was installed, the building suddenly became a different place to work. The air was clean and clear, and the sorted waste had far less dust content. Veolia is extremely happy with the system, and it has exceeded their expectations.

GB Air Control has a very good working relationship with Veolia, and they look after the maintenance of their HVAC systems on several sites.

Camfil APC supplied the GS32 Gold Series® industrial dust collector and floor-mounted fanset. GB Air Control designed, manufactured, and installed the ductwork and extraction hoods, main control panel and site wiring and carried out the installation and commissioning.

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Veolia Environmental


Paper and glass dust from a conveyor system within a household waste recycling centre

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