Masterloy Products Company in Ottawa, Ontario is a producer of Ferro Vanadium and Ferro Molybdenum. Both alloys are used as additives in the steel manufacturing industry. When an existing dust collector was damaged by fire, production suddenly came to a halt. A portable dust collector was rented to allow production to resume. Since this portable dust collector was much smaller than the previous collector, it was only a temporary solution and a permanent dust collector was immediately needed.


Gold Series GS20 dust collector installed at Masterloy Products Company on a metal dust application.

When Patrick Vachon of Masterloy started the replacement search, minimizing lead time and production downtime was a top priority.  Gaston Legault, Camfil APC representative at Ventilation Industrielle GL Inc., reviewed their situation and addressed their issues with a GS20 Gold Series® industrial dust collector. The GS20 would provide 12,000 cfm at 13" w.c. supplied with a 40HP fan, rotary airlock, and silencer as well as an explosion vent and flame retardant filters.

"Most (dust collector) competitor quotes were stating a 10 week lead time. Gaston and Camfil APC were able to stay competitively priced and deliver the GS20 dust collector from the United States to Canada in only 4 weeks. I was only down 2 days after we took down the portable dust collector to install the GS20," says Patrick Vachon, the Plant Manager at Masterloy Products Company.

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