Briggs & Stratton, the world’s largest producer of air-cooled gasoline engines for outdoor products, is committed to passing on superior value to customers. Exceptional value and product quality start in the manufacturing process, but the dust collection system was troubling. The company had experienced years of difficulties related to their Torit collectors, ranging from a smoky 200,000 square foot building associated with dust not being collected thoroughly to controls not functioning properly, as well as problematic maintenance downtime and filters that had to be changed at least every month and a half. Briggs & Stratton wanted a better collection process and turned to Camfil APC and Bob Walsh, sales representative for Wondrack Company.


Bob Walsh and Matt Caulfield, Regional Sales Manager for Camfil APC, worked with Josh Williams of Briggs & Stratton to develop a superior, cost-efficient dust collection system. The goals for this system included collecting more dust and reducing noise, smoke, and downtime from maintenance while providing a user-friendly application.

One GS20 Gold Series® industrial dust collector now collects from the three Mazak laser tables in the production facility, replacing one Torit DFC8 and one DFO12. The DFC8 required downtime every month and a half for filter replacement, while the DFO12 requires filter replacement once every three months. At this writing, the single Gold Series unit has been running in the production facility for five months and has not needed any filter replacement.

Now that the installation of the Gold Series unit is complete, Briggs & Stratton found that they needed new lighting in the production facility because grime missed by the previous collectors had caked on the fixtures. The facility is now brighter and the air is much cleaner. Williams also noted that "It smells better and the GS unit runs quietly."

The GS20 dust collector on three laser tables.

During the installation process, Williams enjoyed great customer service and first-rate factory support from Walsh. Caulfield, who served in a consultant capacity, was said to have treated Briggs & Stratton like they were spending tens of millions of dollars on this job, rather than the actual tens of thousands.

Briggs & Stratton relishes the superiority of the Camfil APC product and Gold Series unit. In fact, the company plans to add additional GS units as they expand and improve their facility with a better welding shop and paint booth. Now that Williams has compared the ins and outs of the two systems, old and new, he proclaims of the Gold Series: “It just works.”

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