Replacement filters for cartridge dust collector
If you are looking to purchase replacement filters for your cartridge dust collector at the best value, the sticker price isn’t always the best guide. When comparison shopping, you’ll likely find dust collector filters from different manufacturers that meet your size, efficiency, and media requirements. It just makes sense, then, that the lowest-priced filter that checks all of the boxes is the best choice, doesn’t it? Not so fast. When you consider the performance attributes and longevity of the filters, premium dust collector filters actually cost less than you think.

Dust Collector Filters that Last Longer and Perform Better

Choosing the right replacement filter for your cartridge dust collector can have a big impact on the cost and performance of your system. Premium extended-life cartridge filters reduce change-out frequency and save on replacement, maintenance and disposal costs. In fact, long-life premium cartridge filters can operate for years between change-outs, depending on the application. On the other hand, inexpensive aftermarket filters can malfunction rapidly—sometimes in mere weeks. For example, when lower-cost filters are used in Gold Series collectors, they can’t withstand the power of the pulse cleaning system. The filter paper comes unglued. Flanges warp. Seals rupture. Filters come off track, etc. Beyond creating a mess, failed filters expel the collected dust back into the facility, causing a health risk for employees, contaminating products and damaging equipment.
Failed filters expel the collected dust back into the facility, causing a health risk for employees

Not all aftermarket filters can withstand the powerful, high-efficiency dust collectors.

When choosing a cartridge dust collector filter, think beyond the purchase price. Calculate the total cost of ownership to make the most economical and energy-efficient choice. Similar to life-cycle costing, total cost of ownership is a step-by-step evaluation of the four main components of filter cost:
  1. Energy
  2. Consumables
  3. Maintenance
  4. Disposal.
A filter with a lower initial price often ends up costing thousands of dollars more a year in filter changes, energy, and operating expenses.

Boosting Long-Term Value

There’s a misconception that the more media a filter contains, the longer it will last. Actually, the size of media area contained in a filter is not as important as the surface area of usable media. This is called air-to-cloth ratio. Many filters have media packed so tightly in the cartridge that most of it is not available for filtering. When the pleats of the filter media are tightly packed, the reverse pulse cleaning system of the dust collector will not eject the dust that has settled in between the pleats. Tightly packed pleats increase the resistance of the air through the filters. The dust collector has to work harder to force air through, using more compressed air. Airflow becomes restricted, efficiency is reduced and pressure drop increases until you have to replace the filter to regain the desired performance.

HemiPleat retrofit filters provide 30% longer filter life than other filter brands

The key is to use a wide pleat where 100 percent of the media is usable. This design improves airflow through the filter, which reduces pressure drop and saves energy. Open-pleat filters also work better with pulse-cleaning and use less compressed air, saving energy and improving longevity. The bottom line is lower operating, replacement and disposal costs. A wide-pleat filter allows the collected dust to release from the filter, keeping the efficiency higher and the pressure drop stable for a longer time.

HemiPleat® Advantage

HemiPleat premium retrofit filter cartridges are guaranteed to last longer than standard filters. Because they are far more efficient than standard filters, they need to be changed out less frequently, saving time and maintenance costs. HemiPleat retrofit filters fit most leading dust collector brands and come with a money-back guarantee that they will provide 30% longer filter life than other filter brands.