DCT1000 Dust Collector Controller

The DCT1000 Dust Collector Controller was designed to be used with pulse-jet type industrial dust collectors for on-demand or continuous cleaning applications.

Continuous cleaning applications do not require external inputs and can be used for time based "on-demand" cleaning through use of the cycle delay feature.

For on-demand applications, the plug-in pressure modules can be used to take full advantage of all the features the DCT1000 offers, or an external pressure switch (such as the Dwyer Photohelic®) can be used for High/Low limit control.

The DCT1000 was designed so that it is easy to use, thus allowing for a quick and easy start up for your dust control applications.

DCT1000 Dust Collector Controller IOM Manual

Standard Features and Benefits

  • NEMA 4X enclosure with on-demand continuous cleaning and power off.
  • Universal power supply accepts 85-270 VAC/VDC at either 50 to 60 Hz. This feature addresses both domestic and overseas requirements.
  • Modular design allows for use as a continuous cleaning control, or on-demand cleaning control using the plug-in pressure module.
  • Mounting holes are standard to other dust collector controllers used in the industry, allowing you to use the DCT1000 for existing installations.
  • The DCT1000 is the same size for 6, 20 and 22 channels. One board size means you standardize on one enclosure.
  • Alarm relays integral to the optional plug-in pressure module. eliminate the additional cost for a pressure switch.
  • 4-20 ma process output integral to the plug-in pressure module. No need to purchase an expensive process transmitter.
  • Latching relays and jumper wires are eliminated for large installations requiring channel expanders. Each channel expander connected is automatically detected by the DCT 1000.


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DCT1000 Dust Collector Controller IOM Manual