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Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter (iSMF)

The Gold Series® offers an optional integrated safety monitoring filter (iSMF) with ASHRAE-grade Riga-Flo® or HEPA grade filters. This after-filter prevents collected dust from re-entering the workspace if there should be a leak in the primary Gold Cone filters. Sparks or debris always have potential for being pulled into the collector during operation. The iSMF is monitored for changes in differential pressure and can be programmed to signal an alarm or shut the dust collector down if necessary.

The iSMF, incorporating HEPA or Riga-Flo filters, has been proven to isolate the downstream equipment from the progression of a flame front during an explosion. The Gold Series dust collector with an integrated Safety Monitoring Filter allows you to recirculate exhaust air back into the work space when your dust is explosive. In some cases, additional pressure wave protection could be required.

The Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter (iSMF) with HEPA filters mounted on top of the Gold Series.

  • Conveniently installed from the factory on top of the standard Gold Series dust collector.
  • Allows access to the HEPA or Riga-Flo® filters via the same platform used to access the primary filters.
  • Reduces installation costs as there is no additional remote mounted system to be installed that typically requires additional consideration to access the filters when they are required to be changed.
  • Allows the total footprint of the dust collection system to be reduced, thus saving valuable manufacturing floor space.
  • Each module incorporates two Camfil filters. Filters are easily clamped into position using the same style locking mechanism as those used on the primary filters. Filters are included, but not factory installed.
  • The HEPA grade filters have a minimum DOP efficiency of 99.97% on 0.3 micron and are capable of handling 2650 CFM, (4248 CM/H), of air per filter.
  • The Riga-Flo filters have a 95% ASHRA efficiency and are rated for 2650 CFM, (4248 CM/H), per filter.
  • Incorporates a Magnahelic gauge for easy monitoring of differential pressures across the final filters.
  • Allows the filters to be located prior to fan, thus keeping them under negative pressure.
  • Camfil APC also allows this option to be used as a flame arrestor for combustible dust when recirculating the air back into the work space in most cases.

During explosion in a Gold Series dust collector, no flames come out of the exhaust pipe. The inlet pipe is protected by a backdraft damper.

Camfil claims that this system prevents the progression of the flame front as required in NFPA performance-based provisions and the NFPA 654 and 101 Life Safety Objectives related to a dust collector deflagration and explosion. This represents one solution of several life-safety objectives of which all should be met. The authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) is responsible for reviewing the hazard analysis performed for this installation and determining if the integral iSMF is suitable for this application.

Camfil APC offers a technical report, titled Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter (iSMF) Qualified as a Flame Front Arrestor, which describes the passive isolation allowed as prescribed in Chapter 12 of NFPA 69. It also details the test procedure and results of subjecting the Gold Series with iSMF to multiple, controlled and measured internal explosions.

Note: This product option does not apply to EU ATEX rules.

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