Fume Arm HF

Built for:Dust & Fume


  • Heavy welding
  • Hand plasma cutting
  • Grinding

Key Features:

  • Self-supporting external flexible arm construction
  • Encapsulated support mechanism covered by box sections and bellows to protect against dirt
  • Maneuverability is light and precise
  • Stable when positioned
  • The hose is mounted parallel to the support arms by straps – simple to detach for cleaning
  • Hose is free of internal components to maximize air flow and minimize pressure drop
  • Low noise level
  • Minimal accumulation of dust/particles inside hose
  • The first hose section (0.61 meters) attached to the hood is designed to withstand sparks, spatter and heat
  • Multi-position hood thanks to a double ball swivel joint
  • Improved capture capacity by the shape of the opening and the rectangular flange
  • Protection grille

Heavy Duty Extraction Arm For Tough Applications

The Fume Arm™ - a design with ample capacity has cleared the air in thousands of workspaces for more than 20 years. Its flexible joins make the hood easy to maneuver and locate in the right position.

The Fume Arm High Flow™ is an easy to use extraction arm made for tough applications including heavy duty welding, metal spraying, grinding, and other situations where lots of fumes, sparks and spatter are generated.


The FA-HF is equipped with a horizontally rotating swivel, horizontally pivoted boom and vertically pivoted supporting arm to give it maximum mobility over the entire working range of the arm. The balanced support arm feels weightless when adjusting the hood, which is fixed to a double-acting ball joint for easy positioning. The enclosed support arm, separate air duct and an aluminum hood mean the FA-HF arm requires little maintenance.


Welding and metal fabrication industry, such as work shops, ship building, etc.


For heavy welding, hand plasma cutting, grinding where lots of spatter is generated, applications with high temperatures or where high airflows

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