Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans with Premium Efficiency Motors Provide Optimum Energy Efficiency

Built for:Dust & Fume

Premium Efficiency Baldor® Motors

Savings from using a 40 Hp Baldor Super-E at 94.5 percent efficiency compared with an average industrial motor at 88 percent efficiency.

All Farr Gold Series fans use Baldor Super-E® premium efficiency motors as standard. The issue of energy efficiency for electric motors and drives is becoming increasingly relevant as electricity costs continue to rise. Companies are now competing in an environment of rising energy costs and the uncertainty of available electricity. These dynamics require the kind of forward-thinking industrial motor supplier that anticipates customer needs and delivers products that save money and improve productivity. That's why Camfil APC has chosen the very best - Baldor motors.

Why is Energy Efficiency Important?
Electric motor-driven systems used in industrial processes consume some 679 billion kWh or 63 percent of all electricity used in U.S. industry, according to a Department of Energy report published in 1998. The report goes on to reveal that industrial motor electricity consumption could be reduced by up to 18 percent if companies were to apply “proven efficiency technologies and practices.” Specifically, the DOE recommends motor efficiency upgrades and application improvements.

The Energy Independence and Security Act (“EISA”), which was signed into law in 2007, is effective as of December 19, 2010. This law expands the mandated energy efficiency standards from the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) for a wider range industrial motors which are manufactured for sale in the United States.

Premium-grade copper wire, more iron, annealed laminations with premium-grade steel and insulated oxide coating, superior bearings, large end rings, low-loss fans, and the expertise that enables each Super-E to run cooler and longer with better reliability than any other industrial motor.

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