JONESBORO, Ark., January 25, 2018 – If your dust collector handles combustible dust, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires you to equip your system with deflagration protection. That's why Camfil APC offers the Stinger™ explosion isolation valve, a cost-effective, NFPA-compliant way to contain a deflagration that occurs in a dust collector.

The flow-activated valve prevents an explosion, smoke, dust and burning debris from traveling back through the dust collector’s inlet pipe and into the workspace. It is thoroughly explosion tested and is designed and tested to meet NFPA & EN 1779 standards for a range of applications and dust types.

"What makes the Stinger so unique is the lightweight composite blade that saves energy and reacts faster than heavier steel blades in the event of an explosion," said Graeme Bell, Vice President of Camfil APC Americas. "Also, these blades are easy to replace, and the front side is covered with abrasion-resistant rubber sheeting to protect it from wear."

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