Integrated Control Panel for Industrial Dust Collectors

All-in-One Control Package

Let Farr supply you with a complete dust collector system by pre-engineering the control package. The Integrated Control Panel includes:

  • Pulse cleaning controls
  • Dirty filter pressure monitoring with digital display
  • Motor starter with fuses, heaters and disconnect
  • Start and stop buttons
  • NEMA4 housings

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Pre-engineered control panels available to ship with your new Farr dust collector.
  • Optional items: 
    • Variable frequency drive for precise fan control
    • Airflow meter
    • Alarm inputs for level probe
    • Airlock & screw conveyor controls
  • All voltages available:
    • 230V/460V
    • 208V
    • 575V
  • Fan KW from 0.75KW to 150KW
  • 50Hz & 60Hz frequency
  • NEMA 4 water tight standard
    • NEMA 7/9 available
  • Push buttons & lights standard
    • Touch screen with PLC controls available
  • MOD/BUS communication protocols available
  • Check with Farr engineering department to see about a customized system to meet your needs.

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