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Tennant Company is a leading manufacturer of solutions that help ensure a clean and safe environment for others. When the company purchased Mazak laser tables, they learned that a dust collection system would be necessary. They faced the challenges of making sure the unit is sized for high fume loading and that the fan has enough horsepower to pull the contaminated air through the ductwork running from the application to the system, which would be located on the outside of the building.


Three Farr Gold Series GS8 Dust Collectors at Tennant Company

Jack Atkins with Synergic Engineering worked with the customer to set them up with the best system for their application. The decision was made to place 3 GS8 dust collectors with a 1:1 air-to-media ratio on-site to accommodate the customer’s needs.

Mike Reznicek of Tennant Company made this statement about their Farr Gold Series dust collection system, “This has been a very reliable piece of equipment. We have a sheet metal laser cutting operation and, from a health and safety perspective, it is essential that we have this level of reliability since we have operators in this area."