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Amway Global produces a line of laundry detergent among many other products at their global headquarters in Michigan. The plant itself has several old competitive dust collectors. Specifically, a 20-year-old C.P. Environmental collector needed to be replaced due to the age of the unit and serious leakage problems that were potentially dangerous to plant operations. Furthermore, this dust collector needed the filter cartridges to be replaced once every quarter due to moisture in the powdered detergent which was plugging the filters. Maintenance was very expensive and time-consuming.



Farr GS10 dust collector at Amway Global

Ada Township, Michigan was a destination for Brandon Dohn, Camfil APC rep at Burke Sales & Engineering, along with APC’s regional manager, Matt Caulfield. In August 2009, Brandon and Matt took a one week tour of Michigan with the Farr Gold Series trailer. They stopped by Amway Global to show them the Farr Gold Series demo trailer. They learned that Amway Global had never heard of APC and was actually in the process of purchasing a dust collector. Brandon said that they were amazed by the gauge and heaviness of Farr Gold Series’ construction and the easy-to-change filters, which was a plus for Amway Global. “During our presentation, they immediately came to see the benefits of using our collector over the competition's,” Brandon says. “The Farr Gold Series basically sold itself!” Amway Global was further delighted when they learned that the model GS10 they purchased could use the existing ductwork and fan.

During the purchasing process in December 2009, Camfil APC determined that the powdered detergent dust was explosive. “After testing their dust, they were grateful that we were proactive in helping them understand their situation and expressing concern for the safety of their workers,” Brandon says. They added an explosion vent a couple months after the initial installation. They could not be happier with the performance of the Farr Gold Series collector. They have generated substantial savings in compressed air usage and have yet to change the Dura-Pleat® spunbond filters. The GS10 provided 5,000 CFM and 9” of static pressure.

Amway Global's maintenance team admires the ease of filter access the Farr Gold Series provides.

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