Quad Pulse Package Dust Collector for Pharma


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  • Granulation
  • Drying
  • Coating
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  • Filling
  • Packaging
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Key Features:

  • Segmented cleaning of single filter cartridge
  • Economical and space-saving design
  • Low pressure drop leads to energy cost savings
  • Pleated design of filter enables extended filter life and reduced replacement costs
  • Integrated fan and HEPA filter for simple and compact installation
  • Insulated for quiet operation

The Quad Pulse Package compact dust collector provides a cleanable filter system for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Combining Performance with Economy

Many processes in the pharmaceutical industry can produce hazardous dusts in high concentrations. Cleanable filter systems are sometimes necessary to facilitate continuous manufacturing processes, preventing regular, expensive filter replacements.

The Quad Pulse Package PX utilizes segmented cleaning of the filter cartridge to provide the following benefits:

  • Economical, space-saving cleaning unit requiring just a single primary filter cartridge
  • Cleaning during operation for production process and product quality control
  • Efficient segmented design allows cleaning with low pressure to further reduce noise and back pulsing
  • Low pressure drop across the filter for energy cost savings
  • Camfil's pleated filter technology provides exceptional dust release, enabling extended filter service life and reduced filter replacement

The Quad Pulse Package PX

Compact filtration stages for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes:

Stage 1:

Primary filter with excellent filtration efficiency to remove the majority of the collected dust and prolong the service life of the second stage filter.

Stage 2:

HEPA filter to H14 providing 99.995% filtration efficiency to capture the finest, most harmful dust particles.

Compact design, small footprint

Space on the production floor and in the plant is at a premium. The ATEX-compliant explosion protection capabilities of the device enable the Quad Pulse Package to be conveniently installed with easy access to all maintenance functions.

High-performance, low noise level

The integrated fan can provide the suction required for most individual applications. At the same time, the unit is insulated to make it very quiet during operation.

Fanless Model

A version with an external fan is available. This reinforced fan allows for operation as a high-vacuum filter, while still maintaining all the explosion protection and containment features.

For Hazardous Dusts Requiring Full Containment

Compact and strong unit construction incorporates a unique HEPA filter design with specialized materials from the aerospace industry, providing the following key advantages:

  • The Quad Pulse Package HEPA filter captures the fine dust particles and is a tested flame and contamination barrier.
  • Additional, expensive explosion safety devices are not required.
  • The explosion shock pressure-resistant design maintains its integrity with no damage during an explosion event with ST2 organic dust.
  • Compact unit with flexibility for indoor installation reduces the need for long duct runs.

Market Leading Bag-In/Bag-Out (BIBO) System Over All Stages

BIBO Safe-Change Primary Filter: Utilizes the market-leading Camtain methodology with an antistatic BIBO bag operation, providing a full containment solution to protect workers and prevent cross-contamination.

BIBO Safe-Change HEPA Filter: Uses the Camsafe system for uncomplicated BIBO filter change. Ensures full containment of the finest, most harmful dust particles.

BIBO Safe-Change Dust Discharge: A quick and simple operation to remove the collected dust with full containment protection.