We cater to a wide variety of markets and processes for your industry’s needs. From large-scale mining operations to small food processing facilities, we cover it all. At Camfil APC, we realize each industry has its own unique set of collection challenges. Overcoming these challenges is what we do best. We strongly believe breathing clean air is a human right. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect solution to ensure a clean work environment and happy, healthy workers.

Abrasive Blasting

Mitigating abrasive blasting dust is critical to employee health.

Chemical Processing

Chemical production poses serious health risks. Keep your air clean.

Food Processing

A clean food processing facility is vital for worker and visitor safety.

Laser Cutting

Protect against dangerous laser cutting fumes.

Plasma Cutting

Protect against dangerous plasma cutting fumes.


Controlling dust and minimizing emissions for maximum production.


Prevent your pharmaceutical dust from getting out of control.

Thermal Spray

Prevent explosions from thermal spray dust inside your factory.


Extract welding fumes and improve workers safety.


Our Handte mist collectors will keep your facility clear of emulsion or oil mist from machining processes.